Thursday, January 31, 2013

My grandma died last week. It was really fortuitous timing as far as death is concerned. I was in town to celebrate the wedding and union of one couple and unbeknownst to anyone, would also be celebrating the death and re-union of another couple. We loved our grandma. She died surrounded by family, around 25-30 members. But, her death was more of a spiritual and happy event than sad. Yes, it was sad, we all cried. However, above all else, it was happy. See, my grandpa died over 30 years ago, a few years before I was born. Grandma Jean and Grandpa Jay loved each other dearly. It wasn't easy for my grandma to be without him for so long. As she lost mobility and control of her body, things just went from sad to bad to worse. So, while we enjoyed grandma immensely, and miss her immenselyer (that's a word, right?), she is with Grandpa. How great is that?! I am SO grateful for the Plan of Salvation, given to us by Jesus Christ, that allows us to be reunited with our loved ones. Jesus Christ, as much as it sounds like something from a fantasy novel, came back from the death!

So, with that backdrop, I am so excited to marry my incredible fiancée! Nothing gives me more comfort than being able to enter this marriage with more than just a "till death do you part" mindset. I am pretty certain that these next 60 some-odd years with her just won't be enough. God didn't send us down here and have us form these incredibly loving relationships, and then yoink it all away when one of us dies. On the contrary, he set up ways for us to overcome the temporary road block of death. As such, our love and happiness will be able to overcome life's intermission: death.

I don't want this to be a blog post about how great life will be with her. I won't say anything about how incredibly smart and driven she is. I don't want to mention how far she's going to go in this life. I also surely won't say anything about how beautiful she is. I don't want to waste your time by saying that people are going to forever be telling me, "how'd you end up with a catch like that?!" So, rest assured, you're safe from that mushy ranting about how great life will be with her!

So, you're probably wondering why I have juxtaposed my grandma's death with my cheesy (non) profession of love for my fiancée? Well, because they both are a celebration of God's merciful plan in allowing us to find love, and to keep a hold of it

Here's to eternity ya nouri wa 7iati!

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