Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In light of the Oslo tragedy...

Why are our police (collectively, not just the US) so slow to do their jobs until after the fact? We get too lax in our prosperity that we don't see things coming even when they are advertised aplenty.

The surprise is that we are still surprised.

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  1. I'm not sure I agree with this. Ok, there are certainly times that police could respond quicker. However, for the police to respond as quickly as we'd probably like, their force would have to be about 20 times larger than what it is. It is my hope that our world never comes to this. I don't want to see a police station on every corner.

    As to whether or not we are surprised when a terrorist attack happens or not, I hope that you are wrong. I hope that we are always surprised at the choices of certain individuals. I hope we are always astounded at the wickedness and hatred some people choose.

    Certainly, we need to be cautious. But, does this mean that we don't send our kids to summer camps? Don't go to work? Of course not. So, while I understand your comments, I hope that terrorist attacks never become just another bomb or another 80 people dead. I hope that society will always be shocked and always mourn together at such tragedies. Our hearts go out to those in Norway.