Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A non-Mormon thoughts on the Book of Mormon production

I'll confess, I wasn't too eaten up about the whole Book of Mormon musical thing as being super offensive. Maybe because, as Mormons, we have become used to disparaging remarks and negative lime-light. Maybe because I never really cared for what people thought. Probably mostly because I know what I believe in, and no matter what anyone else says, truth is truth. And I know that the Book of Mormon (the book, not the show) is a work inspired by God, it's truth. However, this article really was profound. The author, John Mark Reynolds, is not a Mormon. But he stands up for truth and rights, and I like that. This is an awesome article, not about the truth of Mormons, but about respecting religions and minorities. Have at it!

PS Amos and Andy was a show in the early 1900's about 2 African American fellows. According to some, the show pandered to "lower-class segregations" with "crude, repetitious and moronic dialogue." Apparently no one likes being cast in a negative light, go figure!

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