Thursday, May 5, 2011

In the Company of Giants

So good news: I FINALLY GOT AN INTERNSHIP. I'll be working with the Institute of International Education. Exciting. However, I don't start till Monday. Therefore, I have a few days to explore the city, and since everyone else is working, I get to do it alone (which I actually really enjoy). Today, I decided I was going to walk back to the Lincoln Memorial/Washington Monument/the rest of those big ones. That's when I had an amazing experience!

When I arrived there, a huge group of old war veterans were present.

It was such an amazing experience to be walking around areas like the Korean War monument amongst people who served there. Also, seeing a Vietnam veteran touching the names of his old companions was heartbreaking.

It brought me to tears seeing such heroic and noble men who went through these great and incredible sacrifices to allow us to continue to enjoy our freedoms. I thought about myself and my friends and the rest of the youth from this decade and honestly didn't think that we could undergo the same travails they did. I felt so immature and unworthy being amongst such incredible men.

I know it is only a movie, but having watched Band of Brothers helped me to imagine in an infinitesimally small way what these noble souls underwent. I wanted desperately to shake one of their hands and thank them for their service but I was so moved that I couldn't find the words. I want to make up for it here by saying to all veterans and to all those currently serving, THANK YOU! Freedom isn't free and I appreciate what you do more than words can express. And thank you dad for serving the country for 20 years.
(You can't read the sign but it says that each star represents 100 deaths during WWII. WOW!)

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