Saturday, April 30, 2011

It ain't all that bad..

So, I am currently in Chicago on a road trip to DC from Provo. We spent the day exploring downtown. It was a lot of fun, but I forgot how tiring tourism is. 
I also learned why they call it the windy city. It was so cold! 
After a long day of walking and exploring, we escaped the cold to sip on some hot chocolate. While I was waiting for warmth to seep back into my frozen members, I tried to get my numb fingers to turn the pages of the US Times. While glancing through the headlines I couldn’t help but notice how crazy this world has gotten.
(this is a clip I took about 2 months ago, things look grim eh?)
The first article that caught my attention involved Egypt. It talked about the female journalist that was sexually molested while covering the downfall of an oppressive tyrant. Then I read about the tornadoes that ravaged the south leaving over 200 dead. The picture made me think of the earthquake/hurricane that desolated poor Japan. Then I read about the Senator who was shot by a severely misguided constituent. I also read about the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad who is butchering his people who are demanding more freedom, which obviously lead to me reading about the tyrant in Libya. While touring Chicago I saw homelessness, drunkards, and smokers. In such a small amount of time I witnessed firsthand depravity and read about atrocities and natural disasters that are plaguing the world. It is easy to get bogged down amid such tragic world conditions. However, the love of God is still manifest in people.
I saw people open doors for others, random strangers snapped pictures for us and we didn’t fear them running off with the camera, we navigated downtown and were not troubled in anyway. People were doing their jobs, volunteering, polite, friendly, and all-around decent human beings. I was able to briefly hold conversations with strangers from other races and backgrounds.
There is still so much good in the world, don’t let the bad bog you down. We are a blessed and progressing people. If we each look out for others and remember that regardless of race, religion, or origin, we are all children of the same God. Love and service are what can unite us as a people to face the coming calamities.

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