Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why I Love my Mac

 So, I grew up in a very strict household. We were raised religiously (thank goodness), Republican, and on Microsoft computers. I never had a reason to complain with any of these, they seemed to treat me well. Life was happy and so was I. Then, upon completing my two year mission to Los Angeles, I received my first laptop: it was a Dell. Upon meeting her, it was a complicated relationship. I treated her nicely, did everything I could to ensure her comfort and ensure she felt used and appreciated. Well, it was a one sided relationship. She randomly would decide she didn't want anything to do with me and shut down (quite often). As time went on, things worsened. Her battery started giving out, the screen isn't bright, the memory got maxed out, all sorts of updates every single time I use it. Error messages, permission messages, gray screens, blue screens, it was just a mess. So, thanks to Obama's education money, I invested in a new frontier. I went against the family grain and got a MacBook Pro. After having my new girl now for 4 months, this is what I have found out, and is why I love her:
1) Back-lit keyboard! Check it out! What a brilliant idea!!! So you can type in darkness, how come no one thought of that before?!?
 2) Quick-It boots up and shuts down in a matter of seconds (my Dell would take minutes, not even kidding).
3) Battery Life-The battery lasts forever!!
4) Sleek and sexy-It just has an external beauty about it. Everything about it sleek, sexy, and sharp. The colors, the angles, everything combines to make a nice looking piece of machinery (as opposed to my previous love who was frumpy, big, and bulky)
5) Volume control-It saves the volume settings depending on what you use. For example, when I am using the internal speakers, I can have it on full blast. Then when I slide in the headphones, it will adjust to the last headphone volume setting I had, which is a lot lower (several times I would put in my headphones, unmute my Dell, and blow my ears out). It also remembers the settings for my coaxial cable.
6) They have great tech support and treat you right.
7) Hot keys-You can set and adjust the hotkeys to accomplish anything you want
8) Language interface-You can type in just about any language possible, which is convenient for an Arabic student such as myself. Especially when you have to  type a 3 page paper in Arabic, what a livesafer!
9) The scroll pad-With one finger I control the mouse. With two fingers I can scroll up, down, or sideways, zoom in or out, and rotate certain images. With three fingers, I can go back or forward. With four fingers I can minimize all my windows. All that on a tiny little touch pad thingy. Wow!
However, as any good argument, I must point out a few deficits:
1) The window interface-It is a lot harder to navigate between windows with a Mac, the cont-tab/alt-tab combination isn't nearly as affective here as it was on my Dell.
2) There is no right click...unless you want to press an extra button! Way too much work to accomplish that.
3) Saving photos seems like a lot more work, but that could be because I mainly used Picasa on my Dell, which is a great program for organizing photos.
Overall, I would recommend the MacBook Pro to any windows user who is ready for a change. It takes a short while to get used to the new button layout and interface, but it is definitely worth it.


  1. we get it. Macs are great. You are making me jealous, boy. I hope you had a Merry Christmas.

  2. Welcome to apple heaven, my friend (from someone who has also experienced Dell Hell). Stop stressing, start enjoying!

  3. It ultimately depends on what you want to do. I hate macs, because every program I run into runs into problems. I also hate saving pictures and having to type .jpg.

    It's a bit unfair to compare them to a Dell laptop, because in my experience, Dell makes horrible laptops. Backlit keyboards have been around for a long time (my keyboard on my PC and laptop is backlit) and has little to do with it.

    But to each his own Sean. By the way, I lurk your blog, and I enjoy it. Kudos.