Monday, November 1, 2010


So after having complained about my predictive text for so long, I decided to blog about it. I think my top 10, not necessarily in any order of ridiculous words are:
1) Daguerreotype (trying for faith)
2) Ichthyologist (trying for haha)
3) Sanctimonious, homiletics (going for google)
4) Eagling (trying for failing)
5) Guppy (trying for hurry)
6) Cycle (trying for awake)
7) It takes 4 cycles to get to ok
8) If you're not careful honored can turn into homosexual real fast
9) Before line comes up on predictive text jimenez does
10) homiletics for google

and oddly enough, while texting text in the text processor of my phone, the textual word texted does not exist

feel free to let me know of some good ones i missed, thanks!