Sunday, October 31, 2010

My new habit....

So, one would think that a guy who has 3 jobs, 17 credit hours of demanding classes, a frisbee team, tons of homework, and a floundering social life, would have much time for anything else. Well, I am here to admit I do have time for other things!
This following picture is evidence!!

Here are 2 of my new favorite hobbies. In preparation for my midnight release tickets of Harry Potter, I thought it important to re-read the 7th book. I haven't read it for 2+ years.
However, of even greater import, is knitting. Thanks to my co-worker, Allison, I have picked up a new habit. I was always intrigued by it, especially after having a friend in high school be able to knit beanies. So, I had her teach me. I guess right now i am working on a scarf. It seems the easiest, albeit time consuming. It has taken quite a while to get as far as I have gotten...which as evidenced by the picture, is not very far.
Sean, where do you find the time you might query. Well, I don't have an honest answer for you, I don't rightly know. I guess we'll find out when I learn the grade of my midterm in Political Science 200-sketchy at best.
I just wanted you to know that whilst in college, I deem it important enough to continually develop and acquire new skills...even if they might be viewed as slightly effeminate...or grandmotherly...

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