Sunday, October 31, 2010

My new habit....

So, one would think that a guy who has 3 jobs, 17 credit hours of demanding classes, a frisbee team, tons of homework, and a floundering social life, would have much time for anything else. Well, I am here to admit I do have time for other things!
This following picture is evidence!!

Here are 2 of my new favorite hobbies. In preparation for my midnight release tickets of Harry Potter, I thought it important to re-read the 7th book. I haven't read it for 2+ years.
However, of even greater import, is knitting. Thanks to my co-worker, Allison, I have picked up a new habit. I was always intrigued by it, especially after having a friend in high school be able to knit beanies. So, I had her teach me. I guess right now i am working on a scarf. It seems the easiest, albeit time consuming. It has taken quite a while to get as far as I have gotten...which as evidenced by the picture, is not very far.
Sean, where do you find the time you might query. Well, I don't have an honest answer for you, I don't rightly know. I guess we'll find out when I learn the grade of my midterm in Political Science 200-sketchy at best.
I just wanted you to know that whilst in college, I deem it important enough to continually develop and acquire new skills...even if they might be viewed as slightly effeminate...or grandmotherly...

Friday, October 15, 2010


People often give BYU a bad rep. I politely disagree with them. Sure there is a lot of bureaucracy and red tape that often doesn't make sense. But that can be found everywhere. However, what I really love about BYU (aside from this luscious cummfy chair from which I write) is their appreciation for other cultures. I, as you know, have developed an affinity for the Middle East. That being said, I noticed an interesting sign whilst walking in the library (one reason why I am sick of BYU). This sign was an advertisement for a special art collection that they had going on in the basement. It caught my interest because it was involved with the Middle East. It was an artistic representation of the 99 names of God according to Islam. While I didn't really find the artwork that moving, I did find it moving that our church-sponsored school put this on. This struck me as particularly important because of the historical context in which we found ourselves one long month ago. Just where were we? Well, New York was all confused about the Islamic center (not mosque) near (not at) ground zero. Terry Jones (an embarrassment to our Lord's name), the so called pastor from Florida, was threatening to burn copies of the Qur'an. Arson had just been committed as some ignorant Americans burned tractors that were being used to construct a bigger mosque in Tennessee (where Muslims had peacefully coexisted for near 30 years), and everywhere else in the world Islamophobia rages rampant. In a sea of negativity, bigotry, and racism (yes, racism), our church rose above it and hosted a special art exhibit about Islam. Thank you church for being open minded...unlike the diametrically opposed example of the church in Florida. God bless you, me, and all of His children-black, white, believer, not, ignorant, or informed-we all need it!

PS This might strike you as interesting:
Good on the Mormons and Jews, interesting insight on atheists and agnostics-embarrassment to many of the rest (sorry Catholic friends...but seriously? come on...)