Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I need more hours in one day...or do without sleep...

Well, once again, I must apologize for being a lazy writer. I decided to divide this into what I consider the questions you'll most want to know: girls, school, work, the future

Girls: hahahahaha

School: Busy, I am taking 16 credits worth of classes, a lighter load-credit wise. I have one terrible, fearful class: Poly Sci 200. This class is all about writing and research. It is a tough, and busy class. However, it's invaluable information. So, I must muscle through it. The other classes are going well enough. I have 2 Arabic classes and a model UN class. 2 more not worth noting.

Work: This is actually the most dramatic part of my life right now! I still have 12-13 hours of my regular job that I have had for 2 years already. For all my fellow money room readers, Karla is still kickin! I also picked up a job as a TA for a short lecture series (from which I am currently writing this post). It will be for about a month. In addition, I am also teaching Arabic at Walden School for the Liberal Arts. It is twice a week for about 3 hours total. YIKES!! I had all three jobs today! Needless to say, I am busy. Hence the laugh for the topic of girls!

So, on for the future! My plans have changed a lot, but these ones really excite me. I am applying for the DC seminar-an internship in our nation's capital. This looks real fun! That will be spring/summer. Then, this next idea is real fluid. It depends on my professor. He might need an extra grader to go to Egypt in the fall of '11. I told him I was interested, I hope I get chosen! I really would like to go. That means I will be gone Spring to the end of the year. The internship has a high chance of going through, the second study abroad, low. So we'll see how it goes!

Other than that, the family is well! I am well! My house is great! All is well! We'll just wait till the girls section actually has an update!