Monday, May 17, 2010

The Adventure Continues

So I am nigh unto approaching a whole month in Egypt. I guess this moves from the realm of tourist into...well, what am I know? Occasionally we will still do touristy things, such as loading up on 2 big buses and heading down to Alexandria. It is a really cool city-very different from Cairo in many ways, yet it still maintains its uniquely Egyptian flavor. I find myself busier than ever now, scarcely being able to meet all the demands on my time, and yet I am going to go see Robin Hood tonight. Not to mention the fact that I am here writing this post.

Things are going quite well though. Aside from being busy and from living on a very limited wardrobe, always eating out, not being to drink from the tap and a whole lot of other things, I really feel blessed to be here in Egypt. It is a fun place to be. There is always life and action. A couple of nights ago I found myself walking home at 2 at night and there was so much going on still. Shops were open, people were playing chess and backgammon, shisha was being smoked and a lot more. This wasn't just the youth mind you, there were old people too. It was insane how much happens here.

I've learned so much here and have some fun things to talk about, but I will save those for the next set of posts. I don't want to cumber this one up, not to mention I have a lot of homework to knock out. Hope things are well!

A faluka ride down the Nile

The kids loved us at the wedding party, see pic below

A dancing horse, ask me about it sometime, I have video evidence

I've finally seen the ocean! After the hot streets of Cairo, this was nice

A small group of us

Their tradition to play hackey-sack where ever we go, if you click on the picture to zoom in, see if you can read what the ball says

Check my facebook album for more pictures!