Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's the final countdown!!!

Not a very creative title, sorry. But let it be heard that I will be in Egypt on Friday. Today is Tuesday, you do the math. Can you believe this?!? I am feeling slightly overwhelmed by what I need to do before then. I still need to get a shot, pack my bags for the trip, pack and clean my apartment and say my goodbyes. Not to mention the incredible amount of culture shock that I am going to experience. The food, people, traffic, litter, and etc. Additionally, I got a typhoid shot. My arm is a little sore, life will go on. Another semester has come and gone. I can't believe that time keeps going faster and faster. A years ago when my crazy adventure in Arabic started I learned that I was going to be going to the Middle East. A year was a long ways away. I didn't believe it was actually coming. No, I can look at the Egyptian weekday forecast and see the weather that I will be experiencing there (for the record, Saturday will be high of 86 and mostly sunny, Sunday will be 89 and mostly sunny again). As you can tell, HOT!! Regardless, I AM EXCITED!! We watched the Mummy last, and aside from being excited about understanding the Arabic in it, I was flabbergasted to think that I will be visiting these sights. WEIRD!
Well, wish me luck, chances are the next post will be coming from Egypt. I hope to have some sweet shots!

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