Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So I just read a talk in the Ensign on gratitude and it made me really guilty for being so selfish. So I felt inspired to share with you all some of the incredible blessings that I have been given (not necessarily in any order)
1) My Father-He has been an incredible example of testimony, faith, love, patience and dedication. He'll never know how I have appreciated all he has done.
2) My Mother-Her faithful example of diligence in times of peace so that when her huge trial came she had the faith to survive, as well as her unfailing love!
3) God-For loving me unconditionally and for blessing me beyond belief, I know I don't deserve what He has given me and am trying to be better every day.
4) The Gospel-I am eternally grateful to have the opportunity to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that peace and happiness as well as a sense of direction and perspective are found in this religion.
5) Diversity-I am grateful that we all are different. I love how we all are from different each other. I am glad that there are people of different colors, languages, accents, etc. How boring would life be if we all were the same?
6) Seasons-How glorious of a blessing is it that we have 4 different seasons? After a long, cold winter it is so nice to see the sunny, warm and colorful spring. And following a roasting hot summer how glorious is the beautiful cool fall with its changing colors?
7) Humor-I am convinced that God has a sense of humor, how could he give us the incredible blessing of being able to laugh and not enjoy it himself? Also, some of the things we do and say can be pretty stupid, I am sure He can't help but laugh.
8) Houses-After living in LA for 2 years and seeing what certain people lived in, or those who had nothing to live in, I have gained an appreciate for my house, complete with heating and cooling. What a blessing to have 4 walls and a roof to protect us from the elements!
9) Cars and other ways to travel-We can get from point A to point B without even taking a step! How marvelous is the blessing to be able to drive, fly and float! The world is getting smaller and smaller and we are able to cover immense distances in a short time. I am going to traverse thousands of miles, thousands of cities, and the biggest ocean in a month to arrive in Egypt in a day! How amazing!
10) Nature-God has given us the blessing of having mountains, rivers, streams, deserts, oceans, lakes, trees, hills, valleys, waterfalls, and an uncountable variety of other geography 101 terms to beautify our world! How talented is our God! He has enabled us to enjoy such a variety of landscape! I can't wait to learn to do what He can!

Maybe if we all took more time to recognize these and other blessings that God has given us, He will continue showering them on us. We are so blessed! Hope you can recognize it!