Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Near Perfect Day

So I have been meaning to talk about this now for about two weeks! Two weeks ago we celebrated President's Day and got a day off from school. We had been planning a trip to Mexico for a few weeks, and IT HAPPENED!! We drove down Friday morning and got into Mexico late Friday night after going for a taco run! Then we started out what was to be a near perfect day!! All day Saturday we surfed. It is a lot harder than it looks. Swimming for an large period of time all the while being barraged by waves. The very first wave I attempted I caught, I didn't get to my feet, but rode it on my knees. It was a decent sized wave. The rest of the time though I basically got beat up...or would unintentionally catch a wave. The weather was exceptional! Beautiful! Cloudless! Sunny! Every good adjective for weather! After surfing we went and ate at a delicious restaurant. They gave us free guacamole and this roasted salmon thing, it so good. Then we sat in a sauna room and sweat off all our hard work. Then just when I thought the day couldn't get any didn't. We were watching "Cool Hand Luke" and I started to feel queezy. So after watching him eat 50 boiled eggs, I knew I wasn't going be able to hold it much long...I didn't. The next day was the Sabbath and we just relaxed, went on a walk and drove through the country side, it was gorgeous. Then crossed the border, unsuccessfully tried to surf Monday and then drove back and got into town late at night! It was an incredible trip. I special thanks goes out to Mike and his family for making it possible. Enjoy these pictures, and others on my other blog.

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