Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jack Handy and my Life

A couple of years ago a met a man that changed my life. This man's name was Jack Handy. He always provided me with invaluable tid-bits of advice and inspiration. Well, once I started stats 221 at college the professor started showing us Jack Handy quotes to motivate us to achieve more and reach higher heights. So I decided to reconnect with roots and look at some of his greater works. Hope you enjoy, I will include a website that has many more of his works.
“Whenever I see an old lady slip and fall on a wet sidewalk, my first instinct is to laugh. But then I think, what if I was an ant, and she fell on me. Then it wouldn't seem quite so funny.”
“Somebody told me it was frightening how much topsoil we are losing each year, but I told that story around the campfire and nobody got scared”
“I hope, when they die, cartoon characters have to answer for their sins.”
“You know what would make a good story? Something about a clown who make people happy, but inside he's real sad. Also, he has severe diarrhea.”

To prove my devotion, it is now Friday night (9:45), I just finished an assignment at the library, and I am reading these quotes. haha, I need a girlfriend.

Well on a more serious note, classes have started! I am embarking on another new semester. Arabic 202 is keeping me as busy as ever. The other classes seem to be going fine thus far. The most incredible blessing however, is that my mother is 100% cancer free! Yup, you heard me, clean. No more! Gone! goodbye! God is good! Not much else new to report, 3 months and 7 days till I fly to Egypt!