Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Being an Adult...

I remember the days when the only thing that was important to me was making sure I ate a (un)healthy dose of candy and watching Rugrats on Nickelodeon. It was nice when I didn't worry if Beth Smith liked me, or I didn't know what the word tuition meant, when work meant that my GI Joe's limbs were intact and that my micro-machine's wheels didn't squeak as I ran them through my town, and most importantly when I could always count on my dear sweet mother to have dinner ready every night...
But alas, those days have passed like smoke on the water, dust in the wind, like a bridge over troubled water...wait...I guess what I'm trying to say is that being an adult is over-rated. Currently I am trying to come up with money for winter semester tuition, not to mention several grand for a study abroad in Cairo, working enough hours at work, doing my homework, preparing for quizzes in class, studying for tests, doing church calling, reading the scriptures, eating right, exercising, and not to mention, the worst of all of them: dating!!!! Life can get so complicated, it's really interesting to see how much I have changed throughout the years.
Yet, being an adult isn't all bad. For example, I'M GOING TO CAIRO, EGYPT (and Jordan and Israel)!!! Does life get better than that? I'm going to go to the pyramids, the sphinx, Petra, the Holy Land, watch the world cup with Egyptians, spend the first few days of Ramadan in an Islamic country and enjoying their parties! I'm learning Arabic! Honestly, I wish you could understand how awesome that is. Also, I have a car and am not limited by lack of transportation. Dating (when it goes well) can be a lot of fun. I have the opportunity of limitless learning/reading! I'm involved in intramural sports that keep me sane. I have an awesome family and we are all good friends now! And the list goes on.
Really, more than anything, it's awesome being alive! I love my life and what I am doing. God has blessed me so much, He is incredible!

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  1. hey. i totally agree that sometimes adulthood is overrated. jobs?!? bills?!? RESPONSIBILITIES!?!? blech.

    but like you said, it pays off with freedom and opportunities. WAY COOL about egypt!! you will have a blast!