Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I need help...

So every Tuesday and Thursday I have an econ class from 4-5:15. The room is blazing hot, and I've already had several classes, plus work. The material isn't awful, but it isn't the most exciting either. I can't, for the life of me, stay awake!!! Any ideas or suggestions to help a struggling student survive?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Have Faith!

Well, I must make a post that seems in stark contrast to the one preceding this quote. As I sit here, I feel a burning anxiety for my brothers and sisters in the world who are found without the gospel, I feel a ardent desire for their salvation, for their opportunity for them to hear the good news of Jesus Christ: most especially, those of our brothers and sisters who are found in the Middle East. I am currently listening to General Conference (this is the great blessing that God's children get every 6 months to listen to the words of the Lord as revealed to his living servants, the prophets--to receive recent revelations and guidance from God for us!). For the second time now I have heard the prophet Thomas S. Monson, one similar to Moses and Abraham, plea for us to pray for the opening of the nations where the gospel isn't accepted. Several decades ago, President Spencer W. Kimball (a previous prophet) issued a similar call to the population of the church. After this call, and the faith of the members of the church, the church received permission from the East German government to construct a temple in Eastern Germany!! Then, the "iron curtain" fell and our brothers and sisters in Russia were released from the shackles of Communism. The gospel was permitted in Russia, and I have a roommate who spent two years there preaching to the people. What a miracle! My parents, and many others from their generation and those older would have sworn that the Gospel in Russia was no realistic in their lifetime. However, the Lord had other plans. Now, we find the gospel in almost all parts of the world. It seems some of the last main bastions of deprivation to the Lord's fullest blessings remain in the Middle East, parts of Africa, and parts of Asia. Let us raise our prayers to the Lord so that He can soften the hearts and prepare the people for the preaching of His glorious gospel in these lands. It may seem unrealistic to our eyes for this to be accomplished soon, but what do we know? We don't have the foresight and wisdom of God. Only He can tell. Why should we sit in apathy and wait while our brothers and sisters of these admirable cultures struggle and strive to live without the true hope and happiness that the gospel can bring? Let us raise our voices to God so that they can sit and sing hymns to the Most High God forever more! I know that miracles can happen, I know that God loves His children in all parts of the world, I know that we can accomplish this! God lives and loves us!

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