Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Know What Makes Me Sick?

Am I a Pessimist Sometimes? I've noticed I can be really judgmental sometimes and I let small things that seem like they should be common sense to everyone but no one seems to do them bother me. So I decided to dedicate this post to my top 10 things, in no particular order, that grind my gears about human kind:

10. People who walk on the wrong side of the hallway/stairs. If we drive on the right side, why can't we also walk? Wouldn't it facilitate life if we all had that uniformity?
9. People who stop to talk in door ways or in heavily traveled areas by people. DO they not realize that they are in the middle of everyone's path?!? I make it a goal to walk through those ignoramuses.
8. Guys who dress like fags. This list includes, but is not limited to: popped collars, pens in hats, under armor if there is not sport involved, excessive pink, colored shirts to church, tight pants, the feaux-hawk, the puff on the front of their heads, super tight shirts to show off their muscles, so on and so forth. Come on guys seriously? If you are this concerned about your appearance they have wonderful surgery in Hollywood that can fix you right up so that your gender matches the time you spend getting ready.
7. Girls who fall for the shallow guys described above.
6. Rap music, there is no sufficient explanation that can condone rap music, I don't care if it has a good beat for dancing (maybe early/mid 90's rap is mildly acceptable). What business do white guys living in Provo, Utah have listening to this garbage? If any statement was completely and unequivocally against everything that someone attending BYU should stand for, it can be found in the lyrics/videos/lifestyles of rap music. Plus, a white guy living in Provo is the exact antithesis of gangster, I would know, I lived in Compton, worked in Watts, and traveled the Projects/Ghetto at night. Don't tell me you think you're "gansta"
5. Uninformed/Ignorant people. I'm studying the most misunderstood culture in the world, the Middle East. I don't know how many terrorist comments I hear a week, or how much I hear that this area is backwards, or messed up, or whatnot. Until you have reached sufficient enlightenment about a certain culture, people, race, language, creed, belief, lifestyle, keep your fat gabber shut. No, sorry, the media is a far cry from reliable. The people are starving for the truth and those who are victims of our ignorance are suffocating from our ignorance. Get out there and learn, we can help so many of God's children if we but learn to understand them. (this is kind of an ironic point because it seems that this whole list is devoted to knocking what I just defended, but in my opinion the things I am bringing up are, well, common sense)
4. Political Parties. They are all so similar, the line is so blurred connecting them, and their corruptions are immense, severe, deep, and unforgivable. How many crimes have been committed in the name of politics or political parties? Why can't we see passed the lies and deceit and start to uphold men and women of virtue and morals. How about honesty? I am so sick of hearing about the affairs of our politicians. They are so sorry that they betrayed their families trust and our trust. That is bull crap. They are sorry they got caught, they are sorry that they can't always find pleasure in their wickedness.
3. Girls who use and manipulate guys in the way they dress, talk, leading guys on, not making up their minds, playing games, etc (and yes, we are just as guilty I know). Why can't we just be more straight forward and honest with each other? So much of life could be easier like this.
2. Hollywood. What a whorish abomination. This contemptible creation is responsible for the destruction of countless lives, literally and for countless spiritual lives. This engine for sin is responsible for condemning so many to a hellish existence on earth, and who knows what else in the next life. How many celebrities live lives of such wealth but so dead on the inside. They think the deserve favors and are above the law and everyone else. "Regular" people who can't make that money or live that lifestyle but dream of it and have to follow the gossip, watch the shows, and live vicariously through these lost "role models." How many aspiring actors and actresses have lost it all on the streets of Hollywood trying to catch the big one? I've seen them, I've been there. Hollywood is a whoredom.
1. Michael Moore, and the other unpatriotic people like him who are trying to bring down America from the inside out.

Let me finish off by saying that I really do love people. I love interacting with them, I love learning about them. And I love overcoming these 10 problems described above and getting to know why they are the way they are. So, while I profess to be religious, and I assure you that I am, I do try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt and to see that God does love them. No matter how far they have strayed, God does love them as much as He loves me. So, don't misunderstand me, I'm not filled with a venomous spite towards anyone.


  1. The other day I thought of writing down my list of things that irritate me. Some are the same! I'm so excited for your opportunity to go to Egpyt - what an incredible experience!!

  2. Ummmmm i wear colored shirts to church occasionally. Is that bad?