Saturday, September 5, 2009

And so it begins...

One week of the new school year down! Don’t you think it’s criminal that one has to take finals and then start another semester of school all in the same month? I don’t think that’s morally ethical. Well, finals came and went and I did quite well really. I got A’s in Bowling and Teachings of the Living Prophets and (drum roll please) I set the curve along with Bethany Olsen on the Arabic final!!! That was my goal for the Arabic midterm, but I didn’t get that one, so when the final came around, I dominated it. I don’t know if I have made the public service announcement yet, but my sweet Mother has breast cancer. So, after finals, cleaning out the apartment and transferring my stuff to a new apartment I flew home to see Mom. She did the first round of chemo and it was pretty grueling, and now 3 weeks later she has had the 2nd round and is doing a little better. Her hair has already fallen out, my noble Father shaved his head so he could fit in with my mom. They both have been incredible and stalwart examples of love and devotion to each other and to God. What amazing parental units have I. Then after three long years I was reunited with my love, that’s right, I went CLIFF JUMPING!!!!! I was so happy. It was the best! So then I returned to BYU and had a week of work and fun. I went to the rope swing in Mona, that was wicked fun! My roommates all came and we had a sweet reunion, our apartment looks nice, you should come by and see it. At long last, school started. I am taking Arabic 201, history of Middle East, Humanities of Islam, Econ 110, and D&C. I’m really looking forward to my classes. It’s a pretty hefty load, and after a full week of classes I spent Tues, Wed, and Thurs night in the library. Football season is about to start, that should bring some fun times, lets hope that we can perform better. Girls are treating me all right, the girl I was dating and myself decided to take a break, not much has happened since then. Life is progressing, and I am having fun. The government is becoming more and more socialistic and corrupt, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is still the only true and living church of which the Lord can claim is own, and Arabic is the most amazing language ever. Hope all is well with you my dear readers, and lets see if I can’t be better at writing these days.

By way of pictures, a lot of my recent adventures have been posted on my other blog but i hope you do enjoy these:

Me with my sis Andy at the Depeche Mode concert

And me and friends cliff jumping in WA and at a rope swing in UT

And our hike to Timp in the Provo area


  1. Seany. It makes me sad we don't work together anymore. Just saying. Good to read your post.

  2. So where is the pic with me in it? That is my only comment. Thank you.