Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer School...

Well, we made a safe trek from Washington to Utah. It went without remark except for almost running out of gas. I am firmly convinced that we were going to run out of gas. I've done it before in my car and I can't think of any reason why we didn't except for one. My mom's faith. I had said a prayer, but was still losing hope, we we're so far from a station and had been below 'E' for so long. So after voicing my despair to my mom, she calmly and firmly said that we weren't because she had prayed. I knew that if I didn't have faith, she at least did. So I endeavored to trust in her and her faith. As it turns out, we made it to a station not a second too soon. Thanks mom for teaching me such a lesson. I spent some time at my sister's house, then I went to Provo and stayed with my Grandma and brother. It was nice to see them. We went back to my sisters, over to Ogden to my Aunt's and to Kayseville to my aunt's. It was a nice trip. But I am officially back in Provo. Before the weekend was over, I went to float Provo Canyon with some friends from my last ward. It was an awesome adventure. I highly recommend it. Cold water, but super fun nonetheless. The pictures below are from that. Monday I had the difficult task of being in class straight from 9-2 and then work from 2-8. Then I went home and moved in and bought groceries, not to mention do my homework for the next day. Arabic 102 is kicking my butt, but I think I'll manage. I still love it and get a rush out of speaking/reading it. What an incredible blessing I have been given. I just hope I can develop this talent. Wish me luck so I can survive summer school and continue making friends in this new ward. I, so far, have survived!


  1. seaners! dude, you have been adventurous! i'm glad your summer has been so eventfull--it seems like you have a nice plan for yourself for the next 10 years. i'm excited for you!

  2. What a happy post! These pictures make me happy. and the story about gasoline. Love it. Awesome possum.