Sunday, May 17, 2009

Part One of Japan


An Account of our Travels to the Island Nation of Japan. Being the First Part of this Narrative.

So, after arriving in Seattle around 7 in the night, we left the airport at 5 in the morning... yeah... lame. We took a nice scenic flight to Japan and arrived there mid afternoon. Thanks to the swine flu we sat on the grounded plane for an hour as the medics scanned all the passengers. Then we sat in customs for another hour or so...then they released us into the wild!!! Japan was ours for the exploring, and so to celebrate our freedom we played ping pong and ate American food on the air base. Well, the next day we explored Tokyo. These are some of the highlights...
Colorful streets and signs

Beautiful Scenery

Beautiful Architecture

Packed Subways

And CROWDED Streets

But overall we were really impressed with how awesome Tokyo was. The Japanese people were so kind and clean and polite (except for the shoving in the subway) and well groomed. We enjoyed the time. This was all Saturday. On Sunday we went to church with a bunch of other air force members. The chapel was cool:
The church is still true, even in Japan :)

Well, after Sunday, we woke up early again and commenced a 6 hour flight to SINGAPORE!!
Please stay tuned for the next episode of "Sean's Asian Travels-Adventure in Singapore" coming shortly


  1. This looks way cool Sean! You are sooooo good at taking pictures. (I mean it, really, your pictures are cool)

  2. I am anxious to see more pics!

  3. I love the one of Britt and your dad on the street with everyone walking around... it's like, American's are so chill and Japanese people are always moving. The scenery ones are cool too!