Saturday, May 23, 2009

JAPAN!!!! (again)

I left Singapore in the grasp of a tropical thunderstorm while reclining on the 3 empty chairs next to me in the plane eating a delicious meal compliments of the stewardess. Could life get better?!? YES! We watched 3 in flight movie. We were on top of the world (almost literally) living like kings (quite unliterally). So we arrived in Japan and went to bed! The next day we jumped aboard the bullet train and cruised 6 hours to the other part of the island. So besides from the delightful detail, we just spent that whole day traveling as well. Then the fun started!

Waiting for the trains...a daily occurrence

We went to Hiroshima. It was a very sobering thought to see where the only nuke has been used as a warhead. While I do regret the evil that the bomb was, I am glad we won the war! It was really sad though, a dark spot on our history. The area around the hypocenter was converted into a peace park and there was a museum commemorating it. Here's my proof!

Hiroshima Before

Hiroshima after

The domed building right
below the explosion of the
bomb. It survived.

We also went to an island called Miyajima. It was my favorite day all around. It was a beautiful island full of temples, pagodas, shrines, and tamed deer who would eat straight from your hand. If you didn't offer it, they would come to you. However, the best part was renting bikes and riding them around the island-cool weather, beautiful ocean, beautiful mountains, ancient temples, modern markets=FANTASTIC time!!

The friendly deer

A sweet arch

A tunnel we biked through

All of us champs on our bikes

And to cap off that beautiful day, I made a very important purchase. Yup, that's right, SAMURAI SWORDS!! Two of them, with a stand. What a glorious day.
The next day we stopped in the city of Kyoto and saw another temple. Then we traveled back to Tokyo and stayed in a high class hotel that the military owned for cheap. It was amazing. The next day we went to the temple (our temple, the LDS temple) in the morning and my dad and I sat around the house while my sister and mom shopped. Then at night my mom wanted to buy these porcelain bowls that she could only get at a certain store that closed within the hour. So my mom, dad, and I ran out the door and jumped on a couple of trains and sped walked downtown among the hustling bustling teens and tweens who were gobbling up all sorts of merchandise (mostly clothing). So much for the economic recession. We got there in time, bought the bowls, and returned home. That basically ended our trip in Tokyo. We returned to the military base and hung out for the next day.

I loved the temples there

The Tokyo Temple

And for your viewing pleasure, other fun pictures from Japan

Japanese students playing with birds

A cool shrine, the water was supposed to surround it, but tide was out, so it was just dry and crabby

The sweet night life

My sister looking through a peep hole

Then we flew out early morning...which got delayed to afternoon. And we had an unexpected layover. "But where Sean?" might you ask.

to be continued....


  1. AWESOME pictures Sean! They just keep getting better and better! I love the last 4. Good job.

  2. this all looks way fun. did any japanese girls try to give you their number? ;)

  3. I love all the pics. It's nice to get home and be able to have my computer back. I will look forward to the next installment.