Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In the words of Cpt Jack Sparrow, "Clearly you've never been to Singapore." Done that!

Singapura, as called by the local inhabitants, is a richly diverse area. Home to a wealth of cultures from Chinese, Arabs, Indians, Japanese, Americans, British, Martians, Filipinos, Indonesians (to spare you the monotony, I'll stop there, but be ye warned, there are many more). It is also a beneficiary of the jungle climate, which implies a high level of humidity, a high level of heat, and a high amount of thunderstorms. We experienced all three of these-the last of which was at night and as we were trying to leave-that kept us from leaving Singapore on time. So back to the drama! We landed in Singapore, survived customs, and went to our hotel. We spent the time doing various tasks, some of which include:
The Zoo!!!
The Sunset!!
Tasty Delights!!
Sweet Night Life!!
The Wild Life!!
Cool Bridges!!
Awesome Other Things!!Swimming!!

And what trip would be complete without my personal favorite! I think it's obvious why...
Sorry that was a lot of pictures, but we really did a lot in Singapore. I recommend it. You can learn a lot about other cultures there. They also had a lot of tourist attractions, museums, zoos, etc. The beach however was disgusting. The water was all littered, and my dad and I escaped with oil stains from all the nearby tankers. We also took a night cruise and enjoyed the ocean breeze, it was so nice! All in all, I recommend Singapore...just don't bring gum, you'll get hit with a cane. Don't smuggle drugs or you'll get executed. The list goes on, and those weren't exaggerations. Well, this is the end of part 2! Part 3 and 4 are coming up soon. Part 3 is about round 2 in Japan and part 4 is a surprise. I hope the anticipation keeps you wanting more!!


  1. More blogs, more blogs- I can hardly wait!

  2. Suhweet man, sounds like things are going swell! I think between the two of us we've hit up all of the continents now! Oh wait - are you still there? Can you stop by Australia?